Our Products Range

We are Manufacturer of following inorganic Chemicals.

We have Following Products with installed capacity.

Nickel sulphate 600 TPA, Nickel chloride 96 TPA, Nickel (II) oxide [ Grey and black] 10 TPA, Nickel Carbonate 50 TPA, Bismuth chloride, bismuth sulphate, Bismuth nitrate, Bismuth acetate, Bismuth subsalicylate, Bismuth gallate, Potassium formate, Manganese carbonate, Cadmium sulphate, Cadmium chloride, Cadmium acetate, Cadmium nitrate, Cadmium oxide, Nickel ammonium sulphate, Cobalt (II) sulphate 100 TPA, Cobalt (II) carbonate, 10 TPA, Cobalt (II) chloride 5 TPA, Cobalt (II) acetate 8 TPA, Cobalt (II) nitrate 15 TPA, Chromium chloride [ Powder, crystal & lumps] 150 TPA, Chromium formate 100 TPA, Chromium (III) acetate 72 TPA, Chromium fluride 60 TPA, Chromium (III) nitrate 60 TPA, Ferrous chloride [Anhydrous, lumps & Powder] 100 TPA, Cooper (II) sulphate [electroplating grade] 250 TPA, Ferrous (II) sulphate (Pharmaceutical) [Anhydrous/crystal] 250 TPA, Cuprous chloride 200 TPA, Cupric chloride [Anhydrous & dehydrate] 180 TPA, Nickel fluoride 5 TPA, Stannous sulphate 90 TPA, Stannous chloride 50 TPA,.

 We are using Raw materials: Nickel metal, cobalt metal, Copper metal, Tin metal, Sodium bichromate, Soda ash, Iron metal, Sulphuric acid, Nitric acid, Formic acid, Chromic Acid, Acetic Acid.

 Pollution control measures: Primary treatment plant installed.

 We are Member of  following Organisations.

(1) metal Finisher’s Association of India; (2) Gujarat Dyestuffs Manufacture’s Association;
(3) Vapi Industries Association; (4) CHEMEXCIL.


E-mail : panhaschem@gmail.com


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